Roblox Trivia Quiz Answers 100% Score

roblox trivia quiz answers 100% score quiz factory

Roblox Trivia Quiz Answers

here Roblox trivia quiz all answers available with a 100% score please see the question and get your correct answers

 1. What does the name Roblox actually mean?

  • It’s short for roadblocks
  • It’s a combination of the words ‘robot’ and ‘blocks’

Right Answer: It’s a combination of the words ‘robot’ and ‘blocks’

2. What is the name of the currency used in the game?

  • Robux
  • Robloquid

Right Answer: Robux

3. How many hats can character wear at once in Roblox?

  • 3
  • 1

Right Answer: 3

4. How many people play Roblox every month?

  • 30,000,000
  • 3,000,000

Right Answer: 30,000,000

5. What was the original name of Roblox?

  • Extra Blocks
  • Dyna Blocks

Right Answer: Dyna Blocks

6. What movie is this, recreated within Roblox?

  • The Emoji Movie
  • The LEGO Movie

Right Answer: The LEGO Movie

7. Which of these is a real thing?

  • Outrageous Builders Club
  • Ludicrous Builders Club

Right Answer: Outrageous Builders Club

8. How long would you guess this person had been playing Roblox?

  • 2 Minutes
  • 2 Years

Right Answer: 2 Minutes


9. How many Robux would you get for £4.59?

  • 400
  • 800

Right Answer: 400

10. This Canadian Beaver Pal will cost you 250 Robux, True or False?

  • False
  • True

Right Answer: True

11. Every pirate should have a hat like this, but how much is it?

  • 2000
  • 3000

Right Answer: 2000

12. When you first begin the game, who is your first friend?

  • Builderman
  • Builderdude

Right Answer: Builderman


13. How does giver work?

  • You type in a code and get whatever the giver provides
  • You bump into it and get whatever the giver provides

Right Answer: You bump into it and get whatever the giver provides

14. 1 Robux is worth ? tickets?

  • 5
  • 4

Right Answer: 4

15. How many places can you have on one account if you are a Builders Club member?

  • 10
  • Infinite

Right Answer: 10

16. What is the tagline of Roblox?

  • Powering Imagination
  • Creating Adventures

Right Answer: Powering Imagination

17. What is the maximum number of friends that you can have on Roblox?

  • Unlimited
  • 200

Right Answer: 200

18. Name this game

  • Natural Disaster Survival
  • Theme Park Tycoon

Right Answer: Natural Disaster Survival

19. What is the name of the platform, on which you can create your own worlds and games?

  • Developers Arena
  • Roblox Studio

Right Answer: Roblox Studio

20. What game is this taken from?

  • Work At A Pizza Place
  • Crusty Caperz

Right Answer: Work At A Pizza Place


21. Do you recognise this game?

  • Full House
  • Bloxburg

Right Answer: Bloxburg

22. What is this hat called?

  • Military Hat
  • Lazy Hat

Right Answer: Military Hat

23. Roblox users make ? of themselves to play games

  • Avatars
  • Pictures

Right Answer: Avatars

24. When was Roblox first released?

  • 2009
  • 2006

Right Answer: 2006


25. True or False, Tickets or Tix for short, were a form of Roblox currency?

  • False
  • True

Right Answer: True

26. How much money is the monthly membership for builders club? In $?

  • $3.49
  • $5.95

Right Answer: $5.95

27. True or False, Roblox Premium replaced Builders Club

  • True
  • False

Right Answer: True

28. Who is the creator of Roblox?

  • David Baszucki
  • Micheal Jordan

Right Answer: David Baszucki


29. What game is this?

  • Inmate Life
  • Prison Life

Right Answer: Prison Life

30. What account scared everyone on the 18th of March 2017?

  • Jane Doe
  • John Doe

Right Answer: John Doe

Roblox Trivia Quiz Answers

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