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Controlling Money 1/22 – IQ Wealth Management

So, what’s going on with these crazy markets again? Can you spell “robot”? Every time volatility returns to the market, some investors seem shocked that Wall Street is not as safe as an index annuity or a banking CD! Face it. Stocks go up… and stocks go down… and then up again. They always have and always will. In fact, it’s because they DO go up and down that you really have a chance to make good money. If there were no risk, there would be no way to make a profit. So, how do you play a volatile market today? Three words: “quality, quality, quality.” Buy companies, not stocks, and only buy companies that make real money! Today we’ll explain in detail what’s happening with algorithmic trading right now, how it’s at the root of these big swings, but more importantly, exactly what you need to do to build and protect YOUR retirement money, the Smart Way. Don’t miss it… MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

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