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Controlling Money 3/29/22 – IQ Wealth Management

Many investors believe that a decline in the value of the US dollar is always a bad thing, but the other side of the equation is that a weak dollar presents several profit opportunities that do not exist when the dollar is strong. It’s normal to want a strong – rather than a weak – dollar, but there are actually advantages to a dollar trading weaker against other currencies. When the dollar went super strong in 2018, we saw a major correction. A weak dollar does some very useful things for American consumers and could even lead to more factories being built here and more jobs for Americans. How do you think China built itself? They are experts at keeping their currencies low. We’ve got a fascinating report you won’t want to miss on what a weakening dollar means, and then asset protection and wealth planning attorney Libby Banks joins us. A show you don’t want to miss…. MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

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