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Controlling Money 4/6/22 – IQ Wealth Management

For more than eight decades, the Social Security program has played a vital role in providing a financial foundation for our country’s retired workers. Most people build their long-term retirement plan around the assurance of steady Social Security checks. According to the Centers for Budget and Policy Priorities, the system lifts more than 15 million retirees out of poverty each year. It is safe to say that without this, our nation would be in a constant state of recession. It is therefore worrying that the program will face major financial difficulties in the coming years. As a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, the Social Security pension fund could be exhausted as early as 2030. Steve and I will go over the details and the facts. Then Medicare and health insurance expert Shelley Grandidge joins us for the Q&A. A truly fact-filled show today you won’t want to miss…MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

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