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Aa meetings : Why to attend them?

Top 10 Views on Technology - RockbridgeAlcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings are a great place to go if you’re struggling with alcohol or drug use. They offer a supportive environment where you can talk about your problems and get support from others who have been through similar experiences.

Aa meetings are free and anonymous—there’s no sign-in sheet, no confidentiality agreement, and no requirement that you share anything at all. The idea behind AA is that sharing your story is what helps people in recovery—it’s not about getting attention or making yourself known.

In addition to sharing your story, aa meetings in new York also provide an opportunity for members to ask questions and learn more about recovery options. There’s a saying in AA: “You’re only as sick as your secrets,” which means that keeping things bottled up will only make them worse. By allowing yourself to talk about them openly, you can begin to heal yourself by facing reality instead of hiding from it.

The meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous are held in an informal setting and are typically presided over by a chairperson. They start off by reading the AA preamble and reciting the “Serenity Prayer,” which is also referred to as the “AA acceptance prayer.” 

After then, several members of the group took turns reading brief passages from AA-related writings. The members of the group may cast their votes to decide what the next topic of discussion will be if there is enough time. In such case, we will keep going around the room until everyone has had a chance to speak. 

Meetings are open or closed to the public, and are led by A.A. members. These guidelines are reprinted in the book The A.A. Group…Where It All Begins. If you’re not sure how to conduct a meeting, contact the Central Office. It’s best to be prepared by reading The A.A. Group…Where It All Begins to learn the correct procedure for running a meeting.

All kinds of people, including alcoholics, their families, and people who aren’t drinking at all are welcome to attend the meetings. Even while many meetings adhere to the same structure, there are others that deviate slightly from the norm. 

The AA programme is presented by the meeting chairs, and occasionally members share their own experiences as speakers. The speaker will discuss his or her own personal experiences with alcoholism in each instance. In most cases, the person being sponsored is also an alcoholic, as is the person being sponsored. 

There are a few different ways that Aa meetings can be run. Speaker meetings are available to the public, and during these meetings, speakers talk about their experiences with drinking and how they overcame their drinking problems. Open discussion meetings are held with the purpose of addressing the steps included in the programme as well as the recovery process. 

Members of the community are typically welcome to participate in open discussion meetings. Open discussion sessions, on the other hand, are typically open to family members, in contrast to closed discussion meetings, which are typically just for alcoholics. For first-timers, the open format is the most helpful.