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Tips to Make Gaming Even Better with scum hacks

Scum is a game that was not built with online players in mind. Even so, many of you have enjoyed playing it online and found creative ways to get around the limitations on how you’re allowed to play. There are entire websites dedicated to hosting servers where you can play as an online player.

Some gamers have even developed hacks related specifically to Scum. If you’re one of those who downloaded Scum and are eager to start playing it online, here are some tips you should keep in mind when playing it with scum hacks.

Change the Field of View

While playing online, it’s important to have a field of view (FOV) that allows you to see as much of the game’s environment as possible — especially when playing on custom servers. But the default FOV in Scum (which is set at 70) is far too narrow for most servers.

The recommended FOV for most servers is 90, so try to change that setting as soon as you load up the game. But if you still find yourself unable to see everything you need to in Scum, you may need to change the FOV even further.

Enable Voice Chat

Voice chat is completely against the rules on most Scum servers — but there are still some that allow it. But even if it’s against the rules, you should still use it when playing online. It might sound strange, but voice communication is essential in a game like Scum.

You can’t see what your teammates are doing, so you need to constantly rely on them to tell you what’s happening. Voice communication also allows you to talk to your teammates about strategies and plans. You can discuss what items to craft, which areas of the map to prioritize, and even who you think the best target for murder is.

Adjust Your Resolution

This is something you can do even before you start playing Scum online. But even if you play with the default resolution on servers that don’t allow you to change it, it’s still important.

According to Scum’s devs, their game was built with the assumption that players would be playing on a standard 1080p monitor. So playing on a lower resolution, like 720p, can make it easier to see what’s happening around you.

Always Be on the Lookout for Potential Cheats

This is something that you should do when playing Scum online, but even more so when playing with hackers. Scum’s online scene is filled with cheaters, so you have to be extra vigilant about what you’re doing when playing against them.

Keep your eyes on your character and the other characters at all times — especially if you’re playing with a random group. That way, you can check to see if anyone is doing anything suspicious.

Don’t Forget to Diversify your Characters

This is something that many Scum players forget when playing online. But because you’re playing with a team of three other players, it’s crucial to diversify your characters. You should have one medic, one engineer, and one pilot.

And if you have the resources to craft a second medic or engineer item, you should do it. That way, you can craft a healing item for each teammate — which will come in handy when they’re away from you and need to heal themselves.

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