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Jeremy Schulman: Is Commercial Litigation Still Relevant Today?

Commercial Litigation Attorney Firm in India
Commercial litigation is one of the most important aspects of the modern economy, providing a means for businesses to protect their interests and resolve disputes quickly and efficiently. It is a complex and time-consuming process, but one that is still highly relevant in today’s world.


With the continual development of the digital age, it is important to explore the significance of commercial litigation and how it can be used to protect the rights of businesses. This article will delve into the importance of commercial litigation and how it is used to help protect businesses in the modern world.



Why Commercial Litigation Matters In The Modern World


The rise of the modern world is often attributed to the impact of technology, but the importance of commercial litigation has not diminished. Today, businesses rely on commercial litigation to protect their interests and provide resolutions for disputes. With the development of the digital age, it is important to know that commercial litigation matters greatly and can be used to protect the rights of businesses in the modern age.



The Role Of Technology In Modern Commercial Litigation


As human beings become more and more dependent on technology, so too has the role of litigation in the modern economy become more dependent on technology. Litigation is used in almost every aspect of modern society, from everyday business negotiations to regulatory compliance.


However, the role of litigation in the digital age is arguably even more important. As businesses become increasingly reliant on digital information, the ability to prove and enforce agreements using digital records becomes even more essential.


In this case, you need to note that this is not only a function of record keeping; it is also due to the fact that digital agreements are much easier to enforce through the legal system than traditional paper agreements.


For instance, when entering into a contract online, the contract is automatically recorded on a third party’s record and when the other party breaches the agreement, they are subject to legal action. This is a key difference between paper-based and digital agreements, and the role of technology in modern commercial litigation is to facilitate this process.



How To Resolve Commercial Disputes


Commercial litigation lawyer Jeremy Schulman states that when engaging in this litigation, the first step is to determine the issue that needs to be resolved. This can be as simple as determining the amount of damages for a breach of contract or as complex as deciding the outcome of a business dispute. Once the issue has been identified, the next step that Jeremy Schulman will do is to identify the appropriate parties. 


To start, the business must identify all individuals with a significant role in the decision-making process that brought them to court. This can be as simple as the person who signed the contract or as complex as the company president. Once these individuals have been identified, they should be asked a few questions. They should be asked what the issue was and what role they played.


Once this information has been collected, it can be useful to discuss with the person to determine if there really is a grievance or if they are simply trying to get out of a contract. Once the issue and the parties have been identified, the case can be filed in court. At this point, the business must choose the type of case they wish to file.