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Get Ready to Install: A Guide to Skirting Board Preperation

How to install skirting boards | Better Homes and GardensSkirting boards can offer a finishing touch to any room in your home as well as providing a nice transition between your floors and walls. However, to get the perfect skirting board installation, it is important to start with ensuring the accurate measurement of the required lengths. Measuring the area where you intend to install skirting boards might seem like an easy task, yet it is possible to make costly errors if you aren’t careful enough. In this article, we will share some tips on how to master the measurement process to ensure an accurate skirting board installation.


  1. Identify the length of the walls to be fitted with the skirting board – Before ordering for skirting boards, you need to know the length of the walls to be fitted perfectly with skirting boards. Measure the length of every wall that needs skirting board using a tape measure. Do not forget to record measurements for windows and doors to determine the exact skirting board length needed. In some cases, you might need special skirting board cuts around pipes and sockets.


  1. Plan for the thickness and height of the skirting boards – Skirting boards are available in various thicknesses, heights and widths. Knowing the thickness of the skirting board you intend to install means you will know how much space you will have between the existing surface and the skirting board once installed. This space will determine how neatly or otherwise the skirting board will fit within the room. Choose the appropriate height of the skirting board that will match with existing elements such as staircases, ceiling, and door casings.


  1. Include your floor finish in your calculations – Do not forget to take the thickness of your finished floor into account when measuring for your skirting board. If you haven’t yet installed the flooring, then ensure that it is fixed before measuring; it is important to have the height of the floor covering before deciding how tall your skirting board should be.


  1. Double-check your measurements – If measuring isn’t your strong suit, consider having someone assist you in capturing the correct measurements. It may also be beneficial to take two separate measurements of the same area to ensure an accurate reading. It is vital to avoid guessing or estimating measurement, as this can be quite costly should the measurement error lead to bad cuts, incorrect sizing, or wasted materials.


  1. Consider the benefits of a professional installation – With the entire measurement process in hand, you might consider approaching a professional to install the skirting board. This is because it allows for expert knowledge, attention-to-detail, and a streamlined process. A professional will make sure you get the perfect outcome for your skirting board installation, saving you time and money in the long run.


In summary, taking accurate measurements is a crucial aspect of ensuring a successful skirting board installation. With the tips given above, you should have no problem tackling any measurements you need to take. The most important part is to be thorough and detailed throughout the process, ensuring that you have the precise measurements needed for the installation project. Finally, do not forget the benefits of reaching out to a professional to give you the best outcome for your skirting board installation.